1.Dynamic Mind Development Program, which is divided into three segments.

  1. For Students ( From Primary  to Ph. D. Level)
  2. For Employees, Entrepreneurs and Professionals.
  3. For Old Age Persons ( Above 60 Years)

2. Continuous Research and Development Program to Empower the Life Skills Knowledge to the Society

3. A Student Support System which includes special assistance for their Career.

4. A Unique Program to Provide Solutions for each and every Problem of Society.


Mission of the Career Escorts is to deepen and extend knowledge about the formation and best utilization of human capabilities, to explore inner strength and abilities, utilizing the full power of brain, foster the life of spirit, cultivate life having leanings. It is the integral part of our mission to extend services to rural areas of India and targets specially those students studying in Government schools. We will try our level best to make the poor section of society, to be benefitted by our unique programmes. All the humans who join this unique programme may be from any part of the society, state, country of the world. They will surely get the new perfections to enhance and to create new horizons in their life and lifestyle. We make them able to learn art of living, how to make dreams come true and real punch of humanity and human values. We will provide a platform to all students, entrepreneurs, and aspirants where all the challenges of life and career seem to be dwarf. We will make all the students and others to utilize the hidden power of human brain through our training and adoption system of mind. A new vision will be there to see the life.

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