Mind Development Program

Our mission will start with adoption process and to overcome and reform the weakness of students by making direct approach to them or through the education institute. The adoption process involves to make awareness to the students about fifteen traits by just entering the training program. This program will be in three parts i.e. EEE (Triple E)

Entry Level

Execution Level

Exit Level

Under the EEE Program 15 traits are to be adopted:

1.  Motivation

2.  Mind Development and Concentration

3. Mental Ability

4. Caliber Building

5. Communication and Grooming

6. Diet and Health

7. Decision Making Ability

8. Time Managemen

9. Learning Ability

10. Art of Living and Social Manners

11. Aura Generation

12. Presence of Mind

13. Analytical Power Development

14. Psychiatric Assistance

15. Psychological Assistance

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